ZeroVir Cabinet: Where to use?

ZeroVir Sanitizing Cabinet is a SMART SANITIZING SOLUTION built on UV-C technology that ensures 99% germs and pathogens are killed in 2 minutes. ZeroVir has been successfully tested at a Govt. approved laboratory. Sanitization of all items has become a necessity now and with ZeroVir Cabinets sanitize your daily use items with ease.

Although the pandemic is really threatening us yet we cannot get our hands off from vegetables because they are the essential ingredients in our kitchens. Now, germs and viruses can also be transmitted through vegetables hence it is necessary to maintain hygiene. ZeroVir Cabinet can provide you with the best solution.

Recommended use: Just open the lid of the ZeroVir cabinet and place your vegetables in it. Close the lid and then wait for 60 seconds. Now your sanitization process has been completed and your vegetables are safe for use. The delightful aspect of ZeroVir is that it gives Chemical-free sanitization so you don’t have to worry that there are any kind of chemicals in your vegetables. Don’t Panic – ZeroVir is the best way to sanitize your vegetables.

E-commerce Deliveries

The ZeroVir Cabinet is designed to make daily life easier and safer and that’s why, ZeroVir products have daily life applications. In the Post COVID Era, we prefer to purchase online as it is convenient and limits our exposure. Yet, the same delivery boy is delivering to multiple households, so are your e-commerce packages safe? Now you can stay safe with ZeroVir!

Recommended use: You just have to put your delivery package inside the ZeroVir cabinet and wait for 60 seconds for sanitization to happen. After that you can touch your package without getting worried about any life-threatening virus. Like E-commerce, similar practice can be adopted by local sellers and businesses. So, they can sanitize their goods before packing and handing to the customer. And then customers should sanitize these things again at their home to prevent the transmission of virus.


Cash system is still extensively used in India. Most of the small transactions are done via cash. Researchers have proven that cash is also a medium for transmission of Coronavirus making it necessary to sanitise the cash. The cash received should be sanitized before keeping it or using it.

Recommended use: For sanitizing cash, ZeroVir is the best solution. Just open your ZeroVir cabinet and place the cash inside. After 2 minutes, your cash is sanitized and safe to use.


ZeroVir Cabinet can be extensively used in Jewellery also. Whether it is about buying or selling, jewellery has to be sanitized first to stop the transmission of germs and viruses.

Recommended use: For proper sanitization, ZeroVir Cabinet will do the most efficient and effective sanitization of jewellery within 2 minutes.

Shops and Trial rooms:

Garments are also carriers of germs and viruses. It is important for retail chains to have a safe and secure environment for customers to try out their clothes before purchase.

Recommended use: Recommended use: ZeroVir Cabinets can easily be used as a regular sanitizing method for all clothes before and after they are tried on by happy customers. Just place the garments in the ZeroVir Cabinet and they will be safe to use in 2 minutes.