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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the scenario around the world. It is identified that the virus spreads from one person to another. The disease can spread through small droplets from the nose or mouth which are spread when a person with COVID19 coughs or exhales. These droplets get accumulated on various surfaces and then get communicated to others from these surfaces. A lot of information is present online about how to help yourselves for preventing Coronavirus (COVID19).


One of the best ways to stay safe and healthy is to wash your hands regularly with soap and water at regular intervals or whenever you touch any non-sanitized surface. Sanitization is another option that may help you to get rid of unwanted germs. Only sanitizing your hands is not enough. In order to prevent the commute of the virus, the surfaces of equipment, staircases, doors, or other publicly used items must be sanitized regularly.

It is also recommended to sanitize the environment so that our common areas are safe to use. Thanks to our technological advancements, such technologies have been developed which are capable of destroying viruses from a larger area. Apart from sanitizer spraying machines, Sanitizing UV-C Lights are the latest trend which help us combat the virus, are quite effective and affordable.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers help to reduce the spread of germs and illness-causing bacteria. These are more effective for people who are not able to wash their hands regularly. Providing hand sanitizers in key areas such as bathrooms and kitchens makes it more likely that people will use it to keep themselves protected. Placing hand sanitizers near entrances or exits make it easier for people to defend themselves from germs.

Sanitizing surfaces is as important as sanitizing our hands to remove germs. Ultra Violet Lights can decontaminate surfaces having the traces of COVID or other germs. According to a study published in the journal ACS Photonics, ultraviolet light disinfection is used widely for disinfecting the surfaces in the clinical sectors or hospitals and also larger public spaces like airplanes, restaurants, etc.

Short-wave UV-C rays destroy the DNA and RNA of microorganisms and viruses thereby disinfecting a space in 5-10 minutes. ZeroVir uses this technology to produce Smart Sanitizing devices that are built with the principle of “safety first”. Its lights are fully automated, inbuilt with IoT technology at affordable prices. ZeroVir is the most effective way of disinfecting surfaces without causing any harm.

You would have realized the importance of sanitization for reducing the risk of COVID. By following proper sanitization habits, we can reduce the risk of spread of the viruses and germs.

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