Complete Safety + Regain Trust + Reduce Liability = Peace of mind!

ZeroVir ZeroVir is proudly MADE IN INDIA by a team of innovators. Our founding team has engineers from various IITs and IIMs.

We have a successful experience of developing and commercializing large scale IoT solutions and robust software in the Electric Vehicles industry.

In the post-COVID world, there is a strong need for businesses to get back on their feet as quickly & efficiently as possible. We decided to do our bit and combined our patented IoT solutions with UV-C technology. Our desire is to see the economy bounce back quickly with the most important element – TRUST.

ZeroVir is a solution that disinfects spaces, and brings back trust in the system, and in each other. Together, we can build a brand-new future!


Make ZeroVir a preferred “Trust brand” for Post Covid contact less sanitisation solutions across the world.


Bring Trust back to shared public spaces Post Covid Era by providing a verifiable, fully-automated, configurable and efficient sanitisation solution.

ZeroVir helps its partners (with initial focus on large enterprise customers) win back their customers who are not interacting with them because of fear of getting infected.



Chandrashekhar Bhide

MBA – IIM Ahmedabad B.Tech(CSE) – IIT Bombay

Piyush Gupta

MBA – INSEAD B.Tech(Chem) – IIT Kharagpur

Dr. Manish Chauhan

PhD – Univ. of California Irvine B.Tech & M.Tech – IIT Bombay

Uday Dharia

Ex-Waaree Energies (20 years) B.Tech – Manipal Inst. Of Tech